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Timberwolf Wilderness Society

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Statement on Grassy Mountain Decision by JRP

by D. Mayhood


Call for a Wilderness Bill to Protect Alberta's Headwaters

by M. Judd


Dave Mayhood Headwaters Statement


Demand to Comply

Re: WS Cutthroat Trout Recovery Plan

by D.W. Mayhood


Response to Cutthroat Trout Recovery Plan

by D.W. Mayhood


Cutthroat Trout Recovery (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi)

by D.W. Mayhood & E.B. Taylor

Distribution, population size and trends (Mayhood and Taylor, 2011 NoApp.pdf)

Threats and limiting factors (Mayhood, 2009a.pdf)


Lawsuit Westslope Cutthroat Trout


Letter to Province: Castle Mountain Development

We are a small group of individuals interested in ensuring that sustainable habitat for wildlife continues to exist along Alberta's Eastern Slopes in western Canada. We act in concert with legal entities to ensure that habitat is protected.